I not only have an idea…i have an iTopic. Yep, I really tried to pull off that cheesy slogan…but that is the great part of iTopic. You own the topic. What is going on in your world that you need to discuss. Well, here you go. Get on your soap box or sympathize with a friend. Get your Boy Scout Troop in one secure location to prepare or reminisce about a camping trip.

What did I say…secure? That is right, iTopic is secure. As a topic leader, you control who can view, comment, or start threads. You are the CEO. But please don’t let the power go to your head. Hearn Ludlow backed by The Hearn Ludlow Foundation is committed to a respectful community. So make the softball team an iTopic, share your latest hiking adventure, even post a video of your best open mic performance. We love it and you will too.

Remember, I not only have an idea…I have an iTopic.



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